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A biceps tear – also called a biceps rupture – is a tear or break in the tendon that connects your biceps muscle in the upper arm to your shoulder or elbow.

Tendons are strong cords of tissue that connect muscles and bones. Over time, the much-used connections in the shoulder and elbow can begin to wear and eventually break.

Biceps ruptures are a common injury that we repair successfully with surgery. If you have a less serious biceps tear, you may only need nonsurgical treatments like ice, physical therapy or medication.

When your shoulder, arm or elbow hurts, you want to relieve the pain and get back to your usual activities as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in treating and repairing biceps injury, whether the cause is sports, an accident or regular wear and tear.

We offer:

Injury evaluation when you need it: Convenient locations: Coordinated care:

A biceps tear or biceps rupture can happen suddenly or gradually. Biceps tears are most common among people between the ages of 40 and 60.

A biceps rupture is a complete tear of the tendon. In a biceps rupture, the biceps tendon breaks off from where it attaches the muscle to the top of the shoulder. A biceps rupture can happen because of an accident, like a sudden fall, or an activity, like lifting a weight.

A person who has another condition like a rotator cuff injury or shoulder impingement (when arm motion squeezes the shoulder tissue) is more likely to experience a biceps rupture.

Sometimes, another condition like a rotator cuff injury or tendonitis causes shoulder pain.Learn more about treatments for shoulder pain .

With a biceps rupture, most people report feeling or hearing a “pop” at the shoulder or elbow when the tendon breaks.

People also notice:

During a physical exam, your doctor will check for pain, bruising and changes to your strength and range of motion.

If we suspect a biceps rupture, you may have additional tests including:

X-ray: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

Learn more about orthopedic diagnosis .

Your treatment for a biceps tear will depend on the type of injury and your lifestyle. Nonsurgical treatments work best for smaller tears or people who won’t be bothered by having less arm strength. In other cases, surgery might be the right path.

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Following some speculation from the cryptocurrency community, IOTA has come out to clarify that it currently has no formal partnership with Microsoft, despite its announcement from earlier in November.

This means that the Redmond giant has not yet contributed any data to IOTA’s marketplace, nor does it have any sensors connected to its network. Asked about its involvement in IOTA’s data marketplace, a Microsoft spokesperson told TNW that “ IOTA is a Microsoft Azure customer and plans to use Azure to test and deploy its Data​ ​Marketplace.”

Having said this, the two companies are indeed collaborating on a series of technology innovation exercises with IOTA’s Tangle network , albeit without any signed agreements.

“W e have never mentioned that any of the companies which are participating in the marketplace are our ‘partners,'” co-founder Dominik Schiener told TNW over email. “We call them participants.”

For the record, following Microsoft’s “participation,” IOTA’s market share has more than quadrupled from $2.95 billion to over $13 billion, according to Coin Market Cap .

We are in touch with multiple divisions at Microsoft (Chicago, Paris, Munich),” he continued. “We are hosting two meetups today in Chicago and on Thursday in Paris which are hosted at the Microsoft offices.” The aim of this exercise, according to Schiener, is merely to showcase the potential of Tangle and its data marketplace as a proof of concept.

As part of this experiment, the meetups, which will take place at Microsoft’s offices, will focus on installing and connecting weather sensors to IOTA’s ledger technology. In this context, Microsoft’s so-called “participation” is more of a thought leadership exercise than an actual “partnership.”

We had planned to meet up with [Microsoft blockchain specialist] Omkar Naik and his team this week to help them set up the sensor (like we’ve done with Bosch in Chicago).” the co-founder said.

Curiously, IOTA’s press release from a few weeks back suggested that Microsoft had already done that. Here is what it said:

Participants from all sectors and industries are represented, companies such as Deutsche Telekom, EWE, Microsoft, Bosch, TINE, PwC, Accenture, Fujitsu, Schneider Electric, Orange, DNV GL, and many more have deployed sensors that directly sell the data on the marketplace.

The ancient art of reflexology and acupressure have brought relief from aches and pains to millions of people throughout the ages and around the world. D1’s Tactile Therapy consists of various-sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet. These bumps stimulate trigger points in these key areas, providing you with an acupressure massage.

The CrystalFX™ lighting system creates a relaxing, colorful experience in your hot tub. Based on Chromotherapy, these brilliant underwater jewels of faceted light captivate and enhance the soft, luxurious interior to create the perfect mood. CrystalFX™ utilizes long-life LEDs and features eight colors and two dynamic light shows, from calm and soothing, to vibrant and rejuvenating, to visually enhance your hot tub soaking experience.

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@Home Domestic Warranty @Home International Warranty

Dimension One Spas ® offers the best hot tub warranty with a lifetime guarantee, made possible by our UltraLife™ shell. Our UltraLife™ shell’s surface material is structurally warranted not to leak for the life of the hot tub. All of the D1 ® colored acrylic shells have a warranty of 5 years.

The UltraLife™ shell texture provides a non-skid surface that is not prone to scratching, dulling or crazing like a colored acrylic shell. It is the most durable shell material you can find on the market today with the best hot tub warranty. UltraLife™ white picks up the LED lights in your spa more than a darker acrylic shell, making it safer to enter and exit the hot tub. It reflects D1’s multi-colored LED lights allowing you to make the inside of the spa virtually any color you want.

We promise that both your UltraLife™ shell and will look like new, years after you’ve made your purchase. Because it is resistant to cracking, blistering, discoloration and other wear, you will need to perform very little maintenance, which gives you more time to enjoy your tub!

Dimension One Spas’ beautiful Terracina™ skirting is covered with a 7-year warranty that covers defects and structural integrity. Our exclusive Terracina™ skirting has the look of real wood without the upkeep. This skirting is weather resistant, will not crack or fade and does not require staining.

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