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Delicious and easy 30 minute dinner for two: Chili Maple Lime Salmon Bowls with amazing mango edamame mixed with sweet forbidden rice.

Lately, we’ve been loving salmon. It’s the BEST easy healthy meal out there, am I right?

Just the other day, I stepped into Whole Foods after a class at Crosstown Fitness . Usually I head there after my workout. Normally I shop at Trader Joe’s because it’s much cheaper, but Whole Foods happens to be incredibly convenient when I need last minute ingredients. Plus sometimes they have pretty good deals on produce (all the berries right now!).

Crosstown Fitness .

Anyway the guy behind the fish counter started talking to me about Copper River King Salmon. Apparently it’s only seasonal 3 weeks out of the year and comes straight from Alaska. He kept going on about how it was the best salmon, and I could tell by the bright red color that it was unique. Thankfully, he was kind enough to give me a small sample of the king salmon… and it was AMAZING. Unfortunately I will say the price per pound was kind of out of control, which is why I opted to get their other salmon they had, but I’m still thankful for the opportunity to have sampled it.

Have any of you had Copper River King Salmon before? I’d love to know what you think!

Copper River King Salmon

Anyway, onto these amazing salmon bowls that are a quick, easy dinner for 30 Minute Thursdays.

30 Minute Thursdays.

Let’s talk salmon forbidden rice!

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is also known as black rice: It’s chewy, slightly sweet, nutty and higher in protein. I’m a HUGE fan of having it at my favorite local sushi spot here in Chicago too.

Forbidden rice my favorite local sushi spot

Black rice on errrthang please. Plus the name forbidden rice just sounds cool.

The salmon glaze is another favorite of mine inspired by a former vegetarian dish . I used essentially the same dressing to glaze the salmon and it turned out beautifully sweet, tangy and with plenty of good flavor from the chili powder and garlic. YUM.

former vegetarian dish

I think you’ll LOVE this easy meal. If you plan it right, you can have dinner done in 30 minutes. ENJOY! xo

Essential Guide

An Excel pivot table is a great tool for summarizing data, and a little-known feature lets you roll daily dates...

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up to months, quarters and/or years.

In Figure 1, two years' worth of detail records have a Date field that is showing daily dates.

To create a year-over-year report, follow these steps:

1. Select one cell in the data set.

2. From the Insert menu, select PivotTable.

3. In -the Create PivotTable dialog, accept the defaults shown above in Figure 1. Click OK to create a new blank worksheet to hold the pivot table.

4. You will see a PivotTable Field List. Add a checkmark next to Date and Revenue. The daily dates should appear down the left side of the report with revenue for each date in column B.

5. Move the active cell to one of the dates in column A.

6. From the ribbon, select Group Field as shown in Figure 2.

7. Excel displays the Grouping dialog. Choose Years and Quarters. Click OK. (Note: You could substitute Months for Quarters if desired).

Initially, the pivot table will show the years and quarters stacked in an outline view as shown in Figure 4.

8. To fix this, drag the Years tile from the Row Labels to Column Labels in the bottom of the PivotTable Field List. (See the red arrow in Figure 4).

You will now have one quarter per row, with columns showing last year, this year and a grand total. To finish the pivot table, follow these steps:

9. On the Design tab in the ribbon, open the Report Layout drop-down and choose Tabular Form.

10. Open the Grand Totals drop-down and choose On For Columns Only. This removes the column that totals the two years.

11. Add a heading to D4 with % Change.

12. In D5, type a formula of =C5/B5-1. Be careful not to use the mouse or arrow keys to select C5 or B5. When you use the mouse or arrow keys, Excel will insert GETPIVOTDATA functions that use absolute references and will not copy down the column.

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Key factors to consider before moving to SaaS-based ERP

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Agility, scale rate highly in cloud ERP financial management systems

13. Copy D5 down to D6:D10.

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